The results of our Therapeutic Wilderness Program

Defining Success

It is important to note that the clinicians and staff do not rely on theory alone. When clients graduate the program, parents and clients complete a short survey. This survey measures black-and-white outcomes and allows the V.L.E. and families to see, in a quantifiable way, the changes that occurred.

Initial evaluations reported a 78.5% occurrence of dangerous behavior, while 80% reported appropriate and acceptable behavior upon completion.
78.5% were proud of the achievements they (or their son) reached through the V.L.E.
Growth was maintained by 70% at 6 months after following through with the discharge plan.
Three months after completing the V.L.E., 90% of drug and alcohol-using respondents remained sober.
Of those that did not continue with professional care, 5 out of 10 remained sober for 6 months.
84% of respondents agree or agree strongly that they accomplished things they would not have otherwise accomplished without the V.L.E.

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