A list of all the staff members

Who is part of the V.L.E. Team

The onsite staff totals 10 individuals.  The wilderness staff are direct care workers and ensure a high staff-to-client ratio.  There will be no fewer than 3 staff members onsite at a given time, not including the clinicians.  This ensures proper coverage in case of emergency and when situations warrant segregating individual clients.

Medical Director (MD): Licensed Psychiatrist.  Initial psychiatric evaluations and screenings of candidates for the program.  Chief consult on psychiatric medication and behavioral interventions.   Prepares clinical staff with information on new participants prior to their arrival to the program.   Fee for evaluation paid directly from parents.  Fee for consult to be arranged with Executive Director.

Consulting Medical Doctor: Licensed PCP, OD, PA or NP.  Available for basic medical needs for staff and participants.  Fee paid through client’s health insurance.

Clinical Director(CD): Advanced clinical license required.  Responsible for clinical supervision and clinical training of program director, wilderness director, and wilderness staff.  Responsible to write and adjust ongoing treatment plans with input from MD, PD, and WG.  Main contact point for parents and family once participant has begun the program.  Provides family training and preparation for reintegration to the home.  Provides 1:1 therapy sessions.  Provides group psychotherapy sessions.  Works in conjunction with PD to ensure licensed clinical staff available 24/7 either on grounds or by phone.   Available for onsite wilderness and campus counseling and crisis management.   Involved in hiring, firing, and discipline of wilderness staff.  Coordinates with outside agencies such as court systems, private therapists, and psychiatric hospitals.   Reports to MD and Executive Director.

Program Director (PD): Master’s level social work or equivalent required.  Responsible to organize programming and activities in conjunction with WG and PS.  Responsible in overseeing PS have taken care of required physical and programmatic provisions.  Provides 1:1 therapy sessions.  Provides group psychotherapy sessions.  Works in conjunction with PD to ensure licensed clinical staff available 24/7 either on grounds or by phone.   Available for onsite wilderness and campus counseling and crisis management.   Discharge planning.  Reports to CD, MD and Executive Director.

Wilderness Guide (WG): Advanced training in wilderness safety, first aid, and CPR required. AMGA or equivalent certification preferred.  Responsible for the safety structure and discipline of participants.  Direct manager of all WS.  Responsible to follow and oversee execution of programming and treatment plans.  Acts as first responder to emotional and physical needs of participants.  Acts as wilderness guide on hikes, camping, canoe trips, caving, and climbing trips.  Acts as wilderness skills teacher to participants.  Makes use of law enforcement and medical support as needed.  Reports to CD and PD.

Program Staff (PS): Areivim office staff.  Ensure timely payment of staff.  Ensure timely payment of utility bills, fees, and other financial concerns.  Responsible to communicate with families during application process and to transition clients to CD upon acceptance to the program.  Responsible to ensure program needs are seen to including, but not limited to, food, supplies, equipment, and the transportation needs of the program, including wilderness staff to and from Areivim base to V.L.E. base.  Makes use of wilderness staff to run errands when needed.  Reports to PD.

Wilderness Staff (WS): Provide direct care and supervision of participants 24/7 while on active duty.  Responsible to act as runners and transporters of supplies while on light duty.  To be clinically trained and supervised by CD.  To be trained in wilderness skills by WG.  Responsible to form professional mentorship relationships with participants and act as emotional support and source of encouragement.  To act as responsible adults and caretakers of participants when needed.  Will fully participate in all activities when feasible.  Responsible to act as treatment team members and carry out instructions given by superiors.  First line supervision of participants.  Reports to WG.

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Rabbi Shmuel Gluck has been in Chinuch for over 25 years. He attended Yeshivas Philadelphia and learnt under Reb Shmuel
Social Worker
Avi is our clinical social worker. He attended the Chofetz Chaim Yeshivos and received his Semicha from Mesivta Tiferes Yerushalayim.
Executive Director
Bio coming soon.
Program Director
The V.L.E. program leader is Steve Lewanick, one of a small number of guides to have achieved national certification by
Clinical Director
Dr. Ronen Hizami is a psychiatrist in New City, New York and is affiliated with Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center-Suffern.
Program Director
I grew up in a small town in south-central Connecticut where I developed at a young age my love, appreciation,