A note from our Director

From the Desk of Rabbi Shmuel Gluck

Welcome to Areivim’s Wilderness Program Information Site…

The Village, a wilderness program run under the auspices of Areivim, by caring and experienced professionals, offers an intensive wilderness therapy experience for Orthodox Jewish young men between the age of 14-21 who are struggling with both behavioral and mental health issues such as defiance, anxiety, depression, family conflict, substance abuse, and attachment disorders, to name a few. Wilderness therapy at The Village is unique because it combines experiential therapy, individually tailored clinical programming, and life lessons that can most easily be learned under the wide-open country sky. The wilderness setting gives participants the opportunity to learn the skill necessary to survive in the wilderness, such as shelter building, bow-drilling, hiking, boating, cordage, traps, fires, navigation, and first aid. In addition, the wilderness necessitates working on interpersonal, group, and leadership skills, all skills which can then be applied when participants again join their families, and community.

Are you looking for the best wilderness therapy programs for your child? The Village’s approach to wilderness therapy enables teens and young adults to find common ground through a balanced set of therapeutic offerings designed to help individuals grow emotionally and to heal.

We know that it’s painful for parents to struggle daily with children who seem unable or unwilling to work toward a balanced and mature interaction with their peers and the authority figures in their lives. You are not alone. We congratulate you on taking this step to look into an appropriate wilderness program for your son, and we sincerely believe that you’ve come to the right place!

If you want to personally contact me, please call me at 845-371-2760 ext. 2 or e-mail me at shmuelgluck@areivim.com.


Rabbi Shmuel Gluck