Areivim is there for you with follow-up care after the V.L.E.

After Care

Unlike many existing adolescent programs, the VLE is focused as much on caring for clients after they leave our grounds as when they first walk through the door. Towards this purpose, we have connections with multiple alternative education schools. Many of the VLE staff have been employed by or retain close relationships with these schools. In some cases, our clinicians are the therapists in these programs, enabling a continuation of care into the next stage of intervention. In the event clients go out of state or into programs not aligned with our staff, we offer families many options. These include family counseling at home and Skype sessions with the goal of maintaining gains made during treatment. Clients can choose from a range of options based on budget and personal needs. Most importantly, we maintain communication with future mental health providers, staying on top of the health and progress that clients and their families have achieved.

About The Areivim Family


Areivim is a non-profit organization in Rockland County, New York, established in 2000 to service at-risk youth. Areivim teaches teenagers, as well as their parents and siblings, the necessary coping skills to regain equilibrium. We also introduce them to educational resources and mentoring services in order to help the teenagers succeed within the family and educational systems. Areivim becomes part of the family.

Areivim believes that parents who cannot cope need more than a therapist; they need a “third parent.” They need a person who is as caring and involved as the parents themselves but is objective, educated, and experienced.
Areivim is aware that in order to be successful, dozens and sometimes hundreds of hours must be dedicated to a family in crisis.

As parents, we realize that there is no such thing as too much time invested in one’s child. By helping to create a loving environment for teenagers during those sensitive years, Areivim is helping Klal Yisroel become a better, more connected community.

List of services Areivim does on a daily basis

Ways Areivim Helps

Crisis Intervention
Areivim's staff is trained to take control in times of crisis, and to work on reaching stable, sustainable, solutions.
Residence Homes
Clean, safe haven from negative influences, designed to teach personal responsibility and life skills.
We speak for our youth when they can't speak for themselves — in the legal system, to their healthcare team, and amongst their families.
Mentoring & Counseling
Areivim’s unique “adoptive counseling” approach takes every teen under someone’s personal wing and provides healthy outlets for their energy.
Areivim contributes to the overall health and success of our community, through emails, seminars, and publications.
Lecture Series
Rabbi Gluck's popular series of lectures, delivered in Torah sheets and online video and audio shiurim, focus on building healthy families.
Yom Tov Programs
We have a special formula for bringing the meaning for our youth into the days of Yom Tov.
Job Placements
When appropriate, we help find job opportunities for our youth, in placements in which they are most like to succeed.
Referrals & Placements
Areivim helps find placements for teens that need a fresh start and advocates for them to a yeshiva or other program.