Summery of the Activities of the Village Leadership Expedition

What We Do

The Village Leadership Expeditions (V.L.E.), Areivim’s newest program, is a therapeutic wilderness program that services teenage boys and young adults in a safe, structured, positive and supportive environment. The Village accommodates teenagers whose behavior is deemed “out of control” by parents and community leaders. It is also designed as an alternative to prison, substance abuse facilities, and mental health clinics. Many parents are compelled to consider secular, wilderness programs. This change from their existing culture and family of origin can exacerbate the identity crises and conflicts that they are battling.
Participants are assessed in such areas as emotional growth, physical capabilities, leadership qualities, cooperation and teamwork, communication, and self-awareness. The V.L.E. has highly professional clinical staff and mandatory therapy.
The V.L.E.'s access to Areivim’s many services affords the V.L.E. unique opportunities. Existing programs include a year-round residence, learning programs, access to college-level courses, referral services to other Yeshivos and jobs, and an unlimited amount of opportunities for growth. What is most important is “once they are friends of Areivim, they will always be our
friends”. This includes invitations for Shabbosim, Yomim Tovim, and, in general, an invitation to become a part of our unique community.
In one month, V.L.E. will do more for your teen than what other programs do in a year.
Teenagers and their parents should seriously consider the V.L.E. They will experience a wilderness program that, while not religious-based, is designed for the religious Jewish community, regardless of the individual teenager’s present attitudes toward religion. The program, with its professional staff, teaches the teenager life skills, discipline, and leadership qualities, and its guides act as role model personalities. Instead of leaving the program angry and resentful, he will leave fulfilled and goal-oriented.

A Real V.L.E. Boy's Story as Seen in the AMI

Connecting to their true selves

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